About Wraypex

Wraypex is committed to creating high quality, upmarket developments with a strong emphasis on world-class security and landscaping, catering for the discerning homeowner. Taking advantage and keeping abreast of rapidly advancing technology in the development industry, Wraypex constantly seeks to provide intelligence into their developments by making use of fiber optic cabling, CCTV and IT enhanced security systems. This desire to improve the product with every new venture is also evident on the huge importance placed on maintaining and enhancing our beautiful indigenous bush, which is synonymous to South Africa. These fundamentals are driven by a dynamic and experienced team that solidly lay the foundations of creating successful projects. Wraypex came about after a number of successful joint ventures between Anglo American Property Services (Ampros) and Wray Harris, the two companies consolidated their partnership. With the restructuring of the Ampros companies (now part of the APEXHI group), it was hence that Wraypex was formed.