The Course

Blair Atholl Golf Course has been designed in such a manner that the routing has allowed for eleven water featured holes. Whether alongside the Crocodile River or natural dams, these holes have unique aesthetical appearances designed to enhance the playability, shot value, variety and resistance to scoring.

The design, both challenging and rewarding, allows for testing of scratch players, yet still ensures enjoyment for handicapped golfers. The course length is in excess of 7700m from the back tees and, at present, is the longest course designed in South Africa. The design has the course playing as a single loop, with halfway house set over the Crocodile River after the 8th hole. Being a single loop, all holes (bar the 18th and 1st) have no parallel holes running alongside, making the experience unique for the golfer.

Selecting a signature hole remains as difficult as ever, there are so many incredible holes with a combination of both design and natural features. One of these features includes a hundred and fifty year old water canal that weaves its way through the course, through the 3rd tee complex, behind the 8th green, alongside the 9th tee and supplies the main dam in front of the 17th green, tee and behind the 1st green. The Crocodile River that meanders adjacent to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 16th holes hosts a large community of different sedges and water plants that support and abundance of bird life. Magnificent views of the oldest mountain range in the world, "The Magalies", and the Cradle of Mankind await players at the elevated points. A variety of massive trees can be found throughout the routing and part of the design is to add thousands of large, new trees.

Several grass species continue to be tested on site to look for the best grasses which will thrive in these highveld conditions.  These grasses include a variety of cynodon transvelensis (indigenous), namely the seeded varieties like Black Jack, Riviera, Sydney, Bermuda Triangle and the like.  These fine textured cynodons are being tested for fairways and tees. Tests include: density, colour, pitch mark ball disturbance, ball roll, fertilizer and water usage, pest and fungal disturbances, divot recovery as well as over seeding methods for winter. Kikuyu has been outlawed throughout the property and special control methods are also being tested for the eradication and maintenance thereof.

The topsoil mixture also forms part of the trials to determine drainage and growth potential. The correct selection of grasses remains critical to working with our environment to maintain a balanced ecology and enhancing the present eco system, as well as ensuring a perfectly conditioned course throughout the year.

The greens have the most advance aeration system installed, (Advanced Aer), to help with the maintenance, quality and consistency of the putting surface. This benefits players by having less surface maintenance done through spring and summer treatments like hollow tinning, topdressing and curative spraying. Finally, the management of maintenance routines for everyday mowing aims to reduce inconvenience to the player to zero.


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February 2017