Holes 1 - 18

It is easy to design a difficult Golf Course, however it is much more of a challenge to design a fair course and this has been achieved at Blair Atholl with a strong mix of power and management.


Par 5 (527m)
Club Tees (SS 14)

Down hill tee shot of 240m, about 10m left of bunker to Platoe.  Manage your second to a lay up area, some 70 to 80 metres to the centre of a slightly undulating green of 1200m².  Green is nestled into a large dam to your right, with a 2.5m faced bunker to your left.


Par 4 (429m)
Club Tees (SS 2)

Fairly level fairway with a slight dog leg right.  Bunkers right at 175m, and 244m.  Left to right uphill green of 1250m², with a pair of large 8ft faced bunkers in front, and to the right.  Prevailing wind from right to left.  For your second shot, use one club more and aim well left to play a soft cut, to leave yourself a slightly uphill pitch-and-run shot on a 37m green.


Par3 (172m)
Club tees (SS 6)

The first of five challenging short holes.  Looking to carry 145m over a large dam to a 840m² green, with a deep bunker right, and medium bunker back-left.  Subtle reads on the green with less than 2% in movement.


Par4 (351m)
Club tees (SS 16)

An attractive dog leg left, running alongside the Crocodile River.  A well positioned bunker to carry at 205m into prevailing wind, then an approach to a 61m long green.  Bunker front and right.


Par 5 (520m)
Club Tees (SS 10)

A testing coastal-looking Par 5.  Left hand bunker to carry 244m alongside the Crocodile River.  288m to the right bunker nestling in the 200m rock face.  Even a great drive will still leave you with 340m approach .  An excellent three shot Par 5.


Par 3 (204m)
Club tees (SS 12)

This magnificent short hole has a demanding two-tiered green of 1600m².  You will find yourself looking at a possible three or four putt, depending on the pin position.


Par 4 (347m)
Club Tees (SS 18)

One of the shortest holes on the course, with a bunker set at 268m in front of the side-on 1100m² green, with a 8m false-front.  Prevailing wind right to left.


Par 3 (190m)
Club Tees (SS 8)

Standing on the tee, you are looking down some 18° to an 1100m² green, on the Crocodile River, and nestled into an amphitheatre of Poplar trees.  Take one club less, as the fall and prevailing wind would assist you. 


Par 4 (368m)
Club Tees (SS 4)

Standing on the tee you are looking uphill, about 20°, where a drive of some 240m would leave you 140m to a side-on 1200m² green, with a 30m false-front waiting to return the ball to you.


Par (523m)
Club Tees (SS 13)

Here is another three shot par 5 that must rank as the most outstanding hole on the course.  Your ideal line off the tee, would be towards a large V-shaped Blue Gum tree.  Your second will take you over a flowing 6m stream, through an 80m gap of Blue Gum trees. Then up to a 1650m² side-on green fronted by two longer bunkers waiting to collect your approach. 


Par 3 (198m)
Club Tees (SS 9)

Exceptionally challenging Par 3, 14° uphill to a blind surface, going towards a 1500m² green. With a large bunker to the left, about a 185m to carry. A protective  low faced bunker right.


Par 4 (401m)
Club Tees (SS 15)

A slightly downhill Par 4 with bunker right, 260m to carry.  A very attractive series of flowing wetland stretching some 220m down the left side of the fairway.  Slightly raised 1250m² green, with no hazards around the green.


Par 5 (526m)
Club Tees (SS 11)

This exceptionally long Par 5 from the Gold tee is 607m into prevailing wind would test your ability to play long and accurate with bunkers staggered at 178m left and 236m right.  Leaving you 270m to a well bunkered 1200m² green.


Par 4 (437m)
Club Tees (SS 3)

Possibly one of the most testing Par 4’s on the course.  A long dog leg left with bunkers to carry 245m.  More or less 190m to one of the smallest greens on the course, about 750m².  The green is well protected with large faced bunkers right, left and back.


Par 4 (464m)
Club Tees (SS 5)

This downhill Par 4 ranks as one of the longest in golf.  You need 230m off the tee to carry a large centre-of-fairway bunker.  A 270m tee shot will leave you a downhill 195m approach onto 1500m² green.


Par 4 (484m)
Club Tees (SS 1)

One of the signature holes, playing an uphill dog leg right.  Your tee shot to carry the river and right bunker at 240m, leaving yourself a downwind 230m shot of two large bunkers.  Then to a side-on green of 860m², looking down onto the Crocodile River wandering through the estate.


Par 3 (174m)
Club Tees (SS 7)

A very attractive Par 3.  Two well placed dams to a 650m² green, surrounded by five large bunkers with prevailing wind from behind.


Par 5 (493m)
Club Tees (SS 17)

A delightful uphill Par 5 to the magnificent Club House, with a 1270m² three tiered green.  If well managed, this hole should yield a birdie; however, there is a very attractive but penal water feature, diagonally in front of the green, and three guarding bunkers.




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February 2017