Blair Atholl offers homeowners a self-sufficient lifestyle modelled on the charm of old world country living.

While the location of the estate places it within a close proximity of Sandton and the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria with all their amenities, plans for a niche, country-styled shopping centre just beyond the gatehouse have already been tabled. This will ensure that homeowners will never have to journey far beyond the gates should they so wish.  In the interim, just 15 kilometres away, Fourways Shopping district meets all the needs of our community including a state-of-the-art new Life Hospital and medical centre.

Replanting Eden

The ever-elusive country feel of the estate goes far further than the simple aesthetics of the clubhouse, winding paths and architecture of the homes, it stretches right into the very natural world that surrounds the course and the estate.

Landscapers and Conservationists continue to remain a permanent feature of the estate, constantly maintaining the grounds, nature parks, bridle paths and the golf course. Sensitive ecological areas will be left untouched, while wetlands have been restored and replanted.

The picturesque Crocodile River runs through the heart of the estate and is densely populated with century old indigenous trees and bush. A number of rapids form part of the 6.5km stretch and it is abundant with fish and bird life. Once choked with invasive alien vegetation, the Crocodile is being cleared and, at every uncovered turn, reveals its own hidden magic. Sparkling rapids, heron-haunted sand banks, quiet shallows and inlets, and natural water features give a different personality to every stretch. Every wind in the flow creates another secret spot, shaded and private, for the enjoyment of the local fauna and flora. One can easily spend hours fishing for Yellow Fish, Florida and Black Bass, Carp and Barbel.

Elsewhere, clearing gives way to planting. The rolling veld is being accented and shaded with thousands of indigenous trees, such as: Combretum erythrophyllum (river bushwillow), Celtis africana (white stinkwood), Olea europaea subsp. africana (wild olive), and many Rhus species - including Rhus pendulina (the river or willow karee) and Rhus lancea (karee). Wild grasses, smaller plants and groundcovers like Tulbaghia violacea (wild garlic), several aloe species, and Cussonia paniculata (kiepersol), amongst many others, are also being re-introduced. Small game (such as duiker, antelope, and guinea fowl, amongst others) continue to be introduced to complement the existing wildlife as the open areas within Blair Atholl are in excess of a 1000 acres.

A remarkable 40 000 big trees have already been planted, with many, many more on the way.

With the Cradle of Mankind just over the rise, it’s no wonder the folks of Blair Atholl think of these efforts as ‘replanting Eden’.

Active Family Values

A new take on old world family values, the Blair Atholl has always kept a significant focus on the needs of the active modern family in the context of country living.

From ensuring every home has fibre-optic connectivity to the winding bridle paths for horse riding, cycling and walking, from the Village Green to the Wellness Centre, Blair Atholl offers every family every opportunity to engage in a host of entertainment and physical activities in a completely secure environment.

Furthermore, the absence of walls combined with a shared set of values has quickly led to a sense of community amongst  Blair Atholl families. One only has to spend an afternoon at the Village Green amidst the infectious laughter of our children at play with each other and their parents to fully appreciate how quickly and completely this sense of community has taken root on the estate.


Complete Peace of Mind

No matter where you find yourself on this tranquil estate, it seems almost inconceivable that just over the rise there’s an entire city of people living cloistered behind high walls, closed doors and burglar bars. If you can even call existing under the shadow of violence and crime living. And yet, within the low key palisade fence marking the perimeter the Blair Atholl, children play outside their homes and on the cobbled roads without a care in the world.

Access to the estate is controlled by guardhouses with biometric access connected via fibre-optics to a security nerve centre. No access without preauthorised arrangements.

Still, the facet of our security we are probably most pleased with is how unobtrusive this protective presence is.



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February 2017