Welcome to Blair Atholl

Visitors to Blair Atholl are invariably awestruck by the overwhelming beauty of it all. The blend of old-world country estate living and modern amenities set amidst the undulating landscape of the golf course, surrounding riverine flora and beautiful Magaliesberg Mountain range is somehow familiar, as though you inexplicably belong to this almost surreal experience.

Looking out from the Golf clubhouse you will appreciate of the perfect balance between new and old, natural and suburban. The ambiance strikes a chord in the soul: it’s so easy to simply exhale and accept that this could be home.

And the families who live here will tell you no different, this is the way life ought to be. Simple. Safe. Tranquil. An unparalleled living experience.

Half of Blair Atholl's 600 hectares stretches across land that previously belonged to world famous golfer Gary Player and boasts some of the lowest density housing in the country - with an average of one home to every two hectares of land. This means that our 329 stands (at an average 3 700 square metres each) are separated by at least half an acre of natural vegetation, so you can rest assured that there will always be plenty of space between you and a handful of select neighbours. Stands are also positioned in such a way as to obscure them from both the road and neighbours as far as is possible.

Blair Atholl encompasses The Blair Atholl Golf Course which is a Gary Player design. The Golf Club is a private facility which has achieved high accolades in a short space of time since opening in April 2007.

There’s just so much to Blair Atholl that is hard to express in words and pictures, it’s truly about the experience. From our Spa and Wellness Centre, to our Stables and Paddocks, to the Clubhouse and Golf Course to the informal Village Green family centre, every moment at Blair Atholl lingers as the simplest and most privileged of pleasures.


Our Homeowners describe Blair Atholl best:

"We came to Blair Atholl for a Sunday afternoon lunch with no intentions of moving from our then, beloved home.  That day marked the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in our lives … we fell in love!  And so the dream of our Blair Atholl lifestyle began. 

We have made a wonderful network of friendships since we have lived here and have found an old fashioned sense of community, where people are genuinely there to support each other and occasionally lend each other much needed grocery items from our fridges.

The Blair Atholl HomeOwners management team work hard to provide a lifestyle that offers fun and activities for a diverse range of interests.   Always a smile and a friendly face to provide a sound service ethic, which in our minds makes this the best residential estate in the country.  

Friday afternoons at the Village Green with our friends have become a firm favourite.  Our children have formed incredible bonds with other families living here and we love watching these friendships grow and develop.  Our kids enjoy a country lifestyle looking out onto the Magaliesburg mountains with a sense of space and REAL freedom … they get to grow with the same FREEDOM that we did as children, which is a rare commodity in these times!!!

We LOVE the birdlife here.  Granny is a birding fanatic and a member of her local birding club in the Eastern Cape.  She has spotted over 100 different species of birds in our garden here and when she visits, is often seen on the golf cart with her map, bird book and a set of binoculars.  She too has fallen in love with Blair Atholl, which she fondly refers to as “Paradise”.

We take frequent walks! Just marveling at the landscape and sense of security we have - most recently with our kids in wellington boots to jump in all the mud puddles whilst Time and I took along a glass of merlot for the walk.

This has been a life changing move for us and we are enjoying all the new friendships that we have made as a family.   

We invested in ourselves by making our home here and it’s a decision we celebrate each day!" - Tim & Clare

"I am overwhelmed by the impact that Blair Atholl has had on my life – we initially bought a stand and built a small stone cottage here because we fell in love with Blair Atholl the first time we saw it. We intended to spend weekends here (thinking it was so far out in the country) and weekdays at our home in Atholl. Within three months of the house being completed we moved here permanently! We found we could not bear to leave the place on a Monday morning and we discovered that we are not out in the bundu – everything we need from schools, hospitals, shopping etc is within 15 minutes drive (which is often less time than it took us in the past fighting through Sandton traffic).  We have now been living at Blair Atholl for almost 2 years and we cannot comprehend living anywhere else........." - Nolene

"We have been living here for two years.  Antonio and I have six children between us, ranging from 5 years old into adulthood.  For the first time, we have found an Estate where all the kids are happy and are kept entertained.  For us, it is important to create a sense of quality time as a family.   We have met this need at Blair Atholl.  From playing golf, to horse riding and fishing; all the children are entertained and have found something they are passionate about.  I have a teenage daughter who has found a passion in horse riding.  This means she spends lots of time close to home exploring her passion!  Our youngest child would be an only child had we not moved here due to the large age gap, and we have found that he is constantly entertained by kids his own age.  There are constant times when I have a home full of children – or none as they move themselves around to their friends homes! People think we live far out and that the travelling is excessive.  However, all our private extra murals are on the Estate, making travelling time less.  The kids are active in tennis, horse riding, fishing, golf, cycling and karate – all done on the here.  Also most of the children attend Heronbridge, so friendships and lift schemes are commonplace.  There is a sense of community at Blair Atholl that I have never experienced previously.  I am a working mom who often needs to rely on others to help me out in the afternoons.  I have never met more willing individuals…. My children have a also developed an independence they would never have developed anywhere else with the sense of freedom they have to ride their bikes, go to the Village Green and go fishing.  They have also developed a keen appreciation for nature.  I could never imagine raising my children anywhere else.  We have meals outdoors in the warmer months with views over the Cradle, springboks on our doorstep and meals on hand should we not feel like cooking.  When I drive through the gates, I feel like I am in another world. A lifestyle like this is needs to be experienced to be appreciated." - Mandy and Antonio

"When my husband told me that we were going to move to South Africa, I thought he was joking and not making sense to me and our little family, …….. having lived in Europe all my life. Now that we are living at Blair Atholl I actually have to thank him for giving us the life change I never imagined: Peace for the mind & health for the body. Our kids are happily growing up with such freedom and independence found in this natural environment that has comparison to the life we lived in Spain. Here every day we are reminded of what LIFE is actually about, or as the Romans put it in their two words: Carpe Diem.". - Antonia Villarroel 

"Greatest views, a golf course designed & manicured in heaven, delicious food, outstanding service but most of all the way that I have been treated and welcomed by everyone. Thank you all." - Ralph

"Blair Atholl is the ULTIMATE lifestyle experience! Wide open spaces to tranquil river frontage - we have it all! Encompassing truly unbelievable views of the Magaliesburg mountains  and a wide variety of birdlife. The Club house and Golf Course are all a 5 star experience including the tennis courts and family outdoor area at the Village Green. For fitness and pampering, we love the Spa!  The gym area is top class. The close proximity to Lanseria airport when we need to fly locally is great plus the added benefit of our own helipad inside the Estate. To top it all, Blair Atholl is run by friendly and helpful staff in a totally secure environment where the sound of our grandchildren riding their bikes up and down the roads reminds us of how living should be. Living in Blair Atholl is a very special experience".  - Glyn

"Exclusive peace of mind in the most spacious and tranquil grounds one will be able to find in this province, very close to all sorts of amenities, including an international airport and a future new town.  Not forgetting the ability to safely exercise over 10 sports within our own perimeter; the best possible place for very young children." - Eddy

"The fact that Finweek reported it as the most expensive gated estate in Gauteng only tells half the story, you simply have to see Blair Atholl yourself to appreciate the beauty of it and the fact that it really is a class above anything else." - Michael



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February 2017